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Met Speaking

What about SPEAKING?

There are 5 questions, 1 picture, 1 A2, 1 B1, 1 B2, 1 C1

Question 1:

For the picture, start with what you see, the situation (A2)

Then describe the people (B1 what they look like, they dress)

the way you think they feel (B2),

And if you have time, describe a situation you have lived such a situation (C1)

Then the questions grow in levels, the monologue is more than enough.

Key to success: Use the monologue and give a personal opinion, explain advantages and disadvantages of a given situation, and try to persuade the examiner to agree, I mean, being persuasive is reaching level C1.

the monologue is :

1. to answer using words of the question

2. to add an idea of control: reason, advantage, disadvantage

3.give support to the idea of control, at least three

4.give examples to support your answers

Agora é a sua vez de simular o test:

That's it!

If I can help, let me know.

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